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  1. Wish List Admin Email 2.0

    Wish List Admin Email 2.0

    The extension sends automatically email notification to the administrator when the customer adds new product to the personal wish list in Magento® 2.0.

  2. Keep Contacts 2.0

    Keep Contacts 2.0

    The standard Magento® 2.0 contact form emails the request to a specified address and does not keep a copy of the enquiries that have been sent.

  3. Request a Callback

    Request a Callback

    The extension allows customers to request a callback with a simple form.

  4. Free Shipping Remaining Cost

    Free Shipping Remaining Cost

    The extension adds a functionality to show how much money more user should spend to gain free shipping.

  5. Gravity Recommendation

    Recommendation Engine by Gravity R&D

    This extension enables adding product recommendations to your ecommerce site by the integration of Gravity R&D’s recommendation engine.

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